Thanks to advances in technology, we are now able to see the developing fetus in its earliest stages via 3D ultrasound.  This technology wasn't available when Roe v. Wade made abortions legal in 1974. If this technology had been available in 1974, do you think there would have been any doubt as to the humanity of the infant in the womb?  READ MORE... 


It is my daily prayer that God will protect ALL human life.  From conception to the grave: the unborn to the elderly.  And in between.  The sick, the homeless, the poor, and ALL children, especially the unborn. The elderly, who are especially vulnerable to potential abuse, who are made to feel that their lives are useless, and who may feel pressured into ending their lives through physician assisted suicide.

There are those who are lonely, depressed, suicidal, victims of domestic violence or abuse, or suffering from mental disorders (SMD), and many others.  And let us not forget the men and women who fought for our country. They all deserve our compassion and they all deserve to be treated with dignity.    

"You just didn't know who saved your life", my dad, a WWII Army veteran, told the newspaper reporter, describing the details of the D-Day invasion. I dedicate the RESPECT LIFE portion of this web site to my father, Edward R. Dziadul. He worked hard to take care of his five kids and his wife of 59 years. He valued life. He was kind to his neighbors. He loved God and he loved his country. 

Below you will find links to various articles pertaining to issues where some of the vulnerable slip through the cracks.  Please take a stand to help protect those who are unable to protect themselves.  
You just don't know whose life YOU will save.

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Please visit these pages for issues in the news:
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In addition to the issues of the sanctity of life, respect for life includes everything that affects the quality of life for us all: over-regulation and under-regulation in healthcare, banking and finances, FDA regulations, protecting the environment and food supply, and more.  Stay tuned for more information!