Life.  Many of us take it for granted and feel we are entitled to certain basic inalienable rights.  And we should be.  But there are many who are incapable, for a variety of reasons, of defending themselves against man-made "laws" that defy the dignity that God intends for them to have.  They are vulnerable to the "freedom of choice" that others claim to have, who step on the defenseless for their own purpose.  

I think that many people who say they are "pro-choice" don't realize what that means.  Essentially, according to current law, a woman has a RIGHT TO KILL the infant in her womb FOR ANY REASON.  Our current laws support LEGALIZED MURDER.  

The New Jersey Right to Life organization supports the NJ Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a proposed bill recognizing that "babies in the womb feel pain at a very early stage of gestation".    

Please support this bill by contacting your NJ State Senator and Assembly Members and ask them to support A3452/S2026, the "Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act"

It's very easy to contact your representatives.  Simply log on to and click on the "TAKE ACTION" button.  Enter your zip code and your contact info and that's it! 

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Babies in the womb feel pain.  Don't they deserve the same rights as you do?  Who is going to help them?