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Because there are so many types of conditions that affect the mind, we refer to "Sufferers of Mental Disorders" by the acronym SMD.

At, we hope to help the SMDs, the parents and the caregivers to approach mental health from a healthy, nutritious point of view.  Our goal is to raise awareness in order to eliminate dangerous foods and products from our society; and to promote healthy minds, peace in the world, and offer understanding and compassion.  

In fact, you may be living with an SMD and not even know it.  Even if it's undiagnosed, they're suffering and you're suffering (you just may not understand why).  

The number of SMDs (children and adults) is rising and it is staggering.  

In the political climate of our times, greed and corruption and immorality grow more powerful, and "In God We Trust" is considered an antiquated motto that must be obliterated.  I bring this up, because the powers and authorities set up by our governments don't always "rule" in the best interests of those they purport to serve.  We trust in them to protect our health and wellbeing, but it's clear that oftentimes, money is their motivator, often at the expense of our health and our lives.  We can either join the gigantic battle to preserve our inalienable rights or we risk being inundated with products that affect our physical and mental health.  In my opinion, this problem is too big to handle without divine intervention.  However, even if you disagree with me that God exists, you can still find useful information on the Fresh Ingredients web site that can help you or your loved ones.  At Fresh Ingredients, you will find several articles contributed by others.  The medical and technical information is well researched.  The authors may or may not share the same religious or spiritual viewpoints, and neither may you.   My wish is for you to take away from this site whatever you need to find solutions, peace and healing of these heartbreaking conditions which take over your life and consume your soul. If you spend one day with an SMD, you may have some sympathy, but if you LIVE it, it is a 24/7 alternate reality that fractures families, takes a toll on caregivers, and is possibly unleashing a new generation of unproductive, unhappy individuals.

Perhaps you used to have faith, but trying to cope with this illness made you lose all hope.  If you feel like you're enduring this journey alone and you feel like you're at the end of your rope, just know that God loves you and He will walk with you, if you just ask.

Listen to the song, "Worn" with lyrics by Tenth Avenue North

So whether you agree with the personal views or not, you will find useful and practical information that can help you or your child. And for those who do agree and place your trust in God, you will find encouragement and hope, meaning and purpose.  When you care for a child with SMD, you are doing God's work.

God loves each one of us. Some may ask, then why does He allow this to happen?  I believe that He could make it the world normal again but I think He wants US to love one another and help one another.  He also wants US to expose the corruption and greed that profits, at the expense and to the detriment of our society.

The good news is that He will help us.  He has a plan.  We need to take our world back. And it starts slowly, one at a time, with each individual it affects. We need to preserve our planet for future generations.  We need to make sure that the future leaders are well equipped to serve our country and our world.  


The mission of is to raise awareness about the effects of foods (especially artificial ingredients), chemicals, technology and the environment on mental health.